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  D. R. Bave & Co., Pune
  BEHL, Lad and Al Sayegh, Dubai, U.A.E, Formed in 2000.
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Detection of financial fraud
In modern days, the employers are investing lot of money in office assets. The frauds are committed by the employees not only by stealing but also by misuse of the assets and facilities, which will finally result into loss to the employer. The frauds can be by way of unauthorized entry of write off of an asset as scrap or lost or withdraw cash by way of expenses which would otherwise look to be normal expenses in the books of accounts. The employee may use office assets like lap tops or copiers or printers for doing their private business which on most of the occasions are competing with that of organization, of which he is an employee. Misuse or rough use of office vehicle and fuel expenses is on of the common example of the frauds committed by the employees. The purchases recorded fraudulently for higher amount or lesser quantity and authorizing payments for higher amounts, Recommending staff which is not suitable or excess staffing, payments to people who are not employees by including the names in pay rolls etc are few common examples of frauds.