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  D. R. Bave & Co., Pune
  BEHL, Lad and Al Sayegh, Dubai, U.A.E, Formed in 2000.
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Management systems and Management reporting procedures
It has become necessary to have a control over the office staff and get the desired or better results. The staff works sincerely but due to lack of communication there is always either no information or half information which either raises management tempers or forces management unintentional decisions.
Therefore, it is necessary to have reporting systems and the management information system. Reports are generated of the work done for the day. At a point a summery of individual reports is generated and a concise report is sent to management at the end of the day. This, not only compel the staff to do their work for reporting but the errors are minimized/ avoided as the report is to go to management. The management gets the bird’s view of the work done for the day as well as periodical cumulative report can make management capable of right decisions.